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semen and puppy Transport

Semen Transport

Domestic: We ship fresh chilled semen from your favorite Okalani bully stud overnight to most US cities with our American Air Cargo account. We can also use Fedex for less urgent shipping. Often times we can ship same day when it is late in your time zone because our time zone is behind the continental US. Please keep in touch with progesterone levels and have stud fee fully paid within 24 hours of semen collection. All shipments come with a semen evaluation and semen video. We use the highest quality semen extender on the market that the leading reproductive clinics use. Most collections' motility will still be in the 95%+ range after semen is received! Please find semen evaluations for each of our studs on the stud pages. 

Inter-island transport: We transport your fresh chilled semen for you to pickup same day with Hawaiian Air or applicable airline's cargo services.


International: Sirius Canine Fertility handles all of our international transports. At this time we have some stud’s semen stored in the UK, Germany (serving Germany, Spain, France, Italy, Switzerland, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, and a few others), and Australia. See stud page for more info and contact us if would like semen sent to your specific country for pricing and timeline. 

Puppy Transport

Inter-island transport: We use Hawaiian Air to safely transport your puppy to your nearest inter-island airport. Puppy will come with updated health record and any medications they may still be on. Inter-island transport cost is $350. 


Domestic US transport: We use the best flight nanny service in the US to safely and efficiently hand deliver your puppy to your nearest major airport. You will be on a group text with myself and your flight nanny, and coordinator for the entire journey from our airport to yours. There will be ample updates on their journey. Puppy will come with a travel pack which includes: puppy health records and any medications they may still be on/need, a small blanket, treats/food for the flight, and a small toy. Flight nanny fee is $1500. 

International transport: Since Covid our flight nannies have not been able to transport internationally. Clients must arrange and pay for their own transporter for international puppy transports until further notice. 

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