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happy clients

Here are some testimonials from happy Okalani Hawai'i clients. Please send us a review to have yours added to this page. 

Happy Client Okalani Hawaii 02.JPG

Orlando City Merles, FL

Okalani Hawai’i provided us with the best experience we could of asked for when looking for our perfect pup. Once we sent our deposit over our baby pup was instantly reserved for my family. I couldn’t of asked for a more professional experience. I would recommend Okalani to all of my family and friends who are looking for exceptional puppies with top of the line pedigree. We felt safe knowing Okalani provided us with an amazing puppy nanny who personally delivered our little girl to us with the upmost care. Our expectations were blown away and we couldn’t have asked for a more perfect experience.

Happy Client Okalani Hawaii 09.JPEG

Kimie N., Kauai, HI

I can't express how much Lenei's experience, professionalism, punctuality & integrity has impacted my experience with owning a bully. She always goes beyond the call when I have questions or concerns. While her impeccable quality of productions exceeds most expectations…her greatest gift is the love she has for her dogs. And also her willingness to help others. She is a woman of her word and makes business such a breeze! Glad I went Okalani!

Boss Bullys & Frenchies, Chicago, IL

Okalani Hawai’i, LLC has been such a blessing to us and our fur babies. Such as guiding us thru multiple overnight semen shipments and always being reliable any time of the day for questions or concerns. We love our Nala and Okalani family! 😍

Fullhaus Bullys, Australia

We imported our beautiful bully from Okalani Hawaii back in 2019. The whole process was so smooth and Lenei kept us up to date the whole way. Our girl arrived to us safe and sound, and was a happy and health girl.

Testimonials Brewhouse Hana.jpeg

The Bully Brewhouse, Las Vegas, US

When we saw our babygirl Hana formally known as Buttercup for the first time on Okalani’s Instagram (YES ONLINE) we fell in love. It was truly love at first sight. Now, Myles and I do a ton of research for our own kennel The Bully Brewhouse. It is rare that we are so quick to bring on new faces from other places. We 

weren't really looking for more bullies because we felt we had what we needed but along came Hana on our newsfeed and she stole our hearts. We had this “I have to have her” feeling inside. We felt that she was special and boy were we right. We asked all the questions necessary and so did Okalani to ensure we were the perfect fit. She FaceTimed us so we could see her live since she was being flown from Hawaii to our home in Vegas. She also wanted to see our home, our other fur babies and our yard. It was a very easy smooth process the entire time. The communication was and is always clear. It made us feel really good about our decision. Not to mention, anytime we have anything pop up…Okalani always answers immediately even with a 4 hour time difference. She has sent me books on education and shared her well trusted and knowledgeable advice on many topics. You don’t just get an American Bully from Okalani Hawaii. You get an entire experience that makes you feel good about your investment. To this day, Hana is very special in every way. Not only is she impressive in a compact extreme size and structure but she has the secret sauce and color to go with her. BUT most of all…our sweet girl Hana is hands down the sweetest most lovable fur baby that we have. The biggest responsibility any breeder or owner has and Okalani has harnessed it very well. 💖

Happy Client Okalani Hawaii 13.jpg

Sinae M., Maks808 Bullies, O’ahu, HI

I’ve known Lenei & Kalei for a little over 6 years. Both our obsessions for bullies led us to where we are now.  I got my first bully from Okalani Hawaii years ago & he turned out to be such an excellent dog.  Not only was he great, but Lenei made sure all the transactions were smooth and easy.  As I started to dive deeper into the whole “breeding” aspect of the dog game, she became an excellent mentor.  She was always there for me whenever I had questions, issues, or just a friend. Kalei and Lenei quickly became a part of our family. We decided to breed our female to her stud Haka & Lenei was very thorough and walked me through the entire process. She definitely put our nerves at ease. Because we were so comfortable and loved her professionalism, as well as her dogs, we used another stud of Okalani Hawaii’s for our next breeding. Always excellent quality, excellent service!  Fast forward a couple years and I stepped out of the bully game. Lenei never hesitated to help me when I got into Frenchies and English Bulldogs.  She even drove to my house after midnight when I had a litter and I was exhausted. She sat with me and talked story, helping me relax my nerves. When we lost our beloved Papaya, Lenei listened to me cry and was always there. She’d check in with me as the days passed to see how we were and if our family needed anything. Who does that now days?!  I’ve recently picked up another American Bully from her & once again, nothing but smooth sailing.  She was very professional & made the entire process so easy.  I’m so glad that she became my first “bully” mentor - not only did i learn so much, but my family and I also gained life long friends.  Once you do business with Okalani Hawaii, you’ll always come back for more!

Happy Client Okalani Hawaii 07.jpg

The Williams, Las Vegas, NV, US

Okalani is literally someone we trust and support! From the beginning of purchasing pups to stud semen, ALWAYS good service! And very professional! We still do business with them! They are truly our family now! It won't get no better than them! Trust the bloodline, they have it for sure!

Happy Client Okalani Hawaii 06.jpg

Justice S., O’ahu, HI

Hands downs Okalani’s the best. From the moment I asked to be put on the wait list. To receiving my Girl. And now the mentorship you’ve given. I can’t thank you and your  program enough! I was totally new to the game and I believe what set me apart was me learning from one of the best or the best in Hawaii period 🤙🏾❗️

Productions Okalani Hawaii 13.JPG

The Luxury Bully Co., UK

We couldn’t recommend Okalani enough 💗 They have been what only feels like family since we purchased our 5 pups from them. They have given so much as more as customer service when it comes to advice and mentorship. We honestly could not have been breeders without their time, advice, love and support ❤️

Happy Client Okalani Hawaii 15.jpg

The Malos, O’ahu, HI

We added our very first furbaby from Okalani Hawai’i & this has been one of the best decisions we made as family. From Day 1 to current Okalani has been supportive, informative, honest & overall AMAZING. Lenei & Kalei are an awesome team!!!!

Shaka Bullys, Maui, HI

I highly recommend Okalani whether you’re just starting your kennels, adding to your kennels or just wanting a pet. Service is quick and efficient! Questions and advice are always given/answered in a timely manner! Great service & great ohana all around! Mahalo Okalani🤙🏽

Armor Bullies, Los Angeles, CA

Working with Okalani Hawaii (Lenei & Kalei) has been amazing. Aside from providing great bullies, they’re great people who are always willing to provide guidance. The amount of love and care they give their fur babies is inspiring. We have purchased puppies from Okalani on multiple occasions and each time was extremely professional and very well organized. They really make you feel like ohana and we can’t recommend them enough! 

Happy Client Okalani Hawaii 14.jpg

Cindy B., SMH, Big Island, HI

I have learned a lot from Lenei! She has taught me so much on how to properly care for our pups and mommas to be! She has helped with a list Of supplies that is necessary to properly whelp a litter as well as supplements to help nourish our growing furbabies. She has also been one of the best stud owners we’ve ever dealt with. Transactions with semen has always been smooth sailing! Communication with her was excellent!! That, to me is very important especially when timing is crucial. Definitely love and appreciate Lenei and Kalei for all there help and support over the years. Thank you sooo much ❤️

Happy Client Okalani Hawaii 16.jpg

High Flow Kennels, O’ahu, HI


Okalani is the best in the business! Trustworthy kennel with the most stunning bullies and loving dog owners behind the scenes that truly care for the bullies and customers, and always willing to go out of their way to make sure everyone (including the bullies) is satisfied and happy! From purchasing our girl Princess Leia as a pup to locking in/ using their stud credits, they make it so easy and worry free! Great communication and the best mentors we’ve ever had! They have always been there to answer any questions we had and help in anyway! Truly blessed to have done business and continue to do business with Okalani Hawaii!!!! 

Ground Up Productions, O’ahu, HI

Beyond thankful for the Okalani ohana!!! Always there when you need a helping hand or some advice. There was a day when I had no idea what to do or where to go, all I knew was that I had to try something and when I reached out to Lenei she welcomed me and my baby with open arms and even taught me something’s that I’ll forever be grateful to have learned. They have produced the absolutely most beautiful pocket and micro bullies and I am beyond proud to say that their amazing boy BRAIN is daddy to our VERSACE.

Triston, Hawai’i King Kennels, Maui, HI

I’ve been a XL breeder in Hawaii for the last 20 plus years. 4 years ago I started interest in pocket style bullies. After doing my research my conclusion was Okalani LLC was the ohana I wanted to start my pocket  line with. Lenei and Kalei IMO are the most professional pocket/micro dog lovers in our state. Communication is top notch with them. We’ve already used Brain as a stud and have Haka locked in for our future. Lenei was very accommodating with sending semen as soon as I needed. I love my Brain productions and can’t wait to get some of Okalanis Hakas productions. I can’t say enough good things about Okalani except if you want the best Okalani is it. 

Happy Client Okalani Hawaii 05.heic

Sunny M., Maui, HI

Our experience was ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ right from the beginning. The process was seamless and very professional. Our baby is truly amazing! His structure and temperament are on point! Highly recommended!!!!

Happy Client Okalani Hawaii 10.jpg

Kekai R., Maui, HI

Lenei and Kalei have truly gone above and beyond to welcome us into the Okalani ʻOhana. Heads definitely turn when weʻre cruising with our bullies and our girls LOVE all the attention.  Their lineage is impressive, their quality is undeniable, and their temperament and beauty are unsurpassed.

Misty B., King Phoenix Kennels, Ohio

Lenei was great to work with. We’ve used 2 of her studs so far and everything went great! Great communication and semen was A1! Highly recommend ❤️

Toine B., Mississippi, US

You and your husband have been the best mentors in the dog game I have seen yet your patience and willingness to teach is unbelievable no matter what time it is if you see it then your going to answer you guys are a blessing to the bully world

Happy Client Okalani Hawaii 17.jpg

Mele and Mike H., Maui, HI


I purchased two pups from Okalani, merle female and co-own lilac male. I’ve received nothing but exceptional mentorship and support from day one! Lenei is always available to provide guidance and support, without hesitation. We are so thankful and grateful for all that Okalani has done for our ‘Ohana and bully program. We consider Okalani Hawaii as ‘Ohana!! 

Happy Client Okalani Hawaii 11.JPG

Allen, Selective Seeds, Big Island, HI

We truly appreciate Okalani Hawaii for the excellent business they’ve provided us through our co-ownerships and the use of one of their gorgeous studs. Lenei has handled any of the concerns that I’ve had to my satisfaction. I highly recommend you use Okalani Hawaii on your next breeding. Mahalo🤙🏽

Unique Exotic Bully Kennel, ATL, GA

I've purchased two male pups from Okalani Hawai'i. They have great customer service and Ms Lenei had no problem answering any questions that I've had on top of that she's willing to help and give guidance on the breed I highly recommend Okalani Hawai'i. 

Tia H., O’ahu, HI

Okalani Hawaii Is one of the most authentic, passionate bully breeders you will ever come by. Whether it’s investing in a life long companion or a stud, the quality, care and mentorship you receive is unmatched. You feel like part of the family. I can’t recommend them enough, their standards are admirable. 

Happy Client Okalani Hawaii 12.jpg

Kaleo, O’ahu, HI

We can’t say enough about the professionalism and kindness of Kalei and Lenei!! Even after picking up out beautiful Topanga they continued to share knowledge and aloha. We feel so lucky to have connected to this community! ❤️

Happy Client Okalani Hawaii 04.JPG

Kristen and Josh, O’ahu, HI

From purchasing a dog to working with Okalani  to stud out our dog has been an amazing experience. Communication with them has always been open and direct. They are always there to answer any of our questions we may have no matter what the question may be. They truly treat us as family.

Chris Payne, Alabama, US

Mrs Lenei is the most professional dog breeder and mentor around. She is always available with great guidance and advice. Couldn’t ask for a better person to do business with.

Manmade Merles, Texes, US

I met Lenei and Kalei a few years ago and immediately fell in love with them as human beings long before I actually used Haka! At that time I had only met a few of his children… I decided to redirect my yard and implement Merle into it…. I haven’t looked back since! Thanks guys for being the guys that helped me be the guy I am today! 💯💯💯

Happy Client Okalani Hawaii 01.JPG

Ariana R., A Woman’s Bully, NY, US

I was as follower first, I surely became a buyer overtime. I was hesitant about my purchase not because of this amazing program but because this was a big investment for us. I became “that” client with a lot of questions but never once did Okalani Hawaii make me feel like I was annoying them. They were responsive, made me feel secure, more importantly my trust grew. I knew my money was safe. Today I have one of the best Merle studs in New York. Okalani’s Kalani who’s paid himself back in folds. What they produce in this camp is insane. Fully functional American Bully Merles. It wasn’t too long after that I wanted to invest again into this program and fortunate enough to have been selected to become a coowner to an amazing micro female who goes by Okalani’s Treasure. Okalani’s camp comes very Knowledgeable, trustworthy and resourceful. They’ve become an extension to our family.

Happy Client Okalani Hawaii 03.jpg

Ipo S, O’ahu, HI

I bought a stud Okalani was retiring. Working with Lenei was awesome! When we saw Shine we fell in love but was a little scared as we’ve never owned any type of bully and from what we knew they have very specific needs. Lenei answered all our questions and told us no question was stupid. She made sure we understand all of Shine’s needs. She also made sure we were comfortable before leaving him with us. She went above and beyond to make Shine and our transition as easy as possible. Always being available to answer any questions or concerns we had. She was so open and honest about Shine, his personality, likes and dislikes that nothing was a surprise for us. And this made it so much better for us to be able to care for our new BIG BABY! Lenei went above and beyond to take care of Shines at home grooming and connected us with a great raw food supplier as well as a great vet. This was not ur typical business transaction. This was an adoption which we made forever friends!!! I’m so happy we found Okalani and Lenei and Kalei! They know their stuff and they have such great hearts for their pack and the homes they go to!!! 

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