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our story


Alooooha! We are Lenei and Kalei Naipo- a Kanaka Maoli (Hawaiian) husband and wife team blessed to be living and breeding beautiful American Bullies in Waimānalo, Hawai’i. In 2012, I adopted my first American Bully. Her name was Kala’iokalani (heavenly peace). She was my entire world and I treated her like my actual daughter. Then began my American Bully obsession. In 2013, my husband and I met, and Mr. Naipo fell instantly for my sweet girl. In 2014, we lost Kala’iokalani in a tragic ocean accident. From that point forward I began collecting bullies and ignited my passion for creating beautiful colorful healthy sweet American Bully fur babies. We named our program after our beautiful bully daughter “Okalani Hawai’i,” and we believe she watches over us and all of our babies.

Kalei + Lenei Okalani Hawaii.jpeg
Kalei + Kala'i Okalani Hawaii.jpeg


About one year into our program, we were given the opportunity to adopt one of our biggest blessings by our now dear friend Gabby Kouture: Kouture’s Pōhaka. Pōhaka was 6mo young at the time. I was obsessed with him and his siblings and the then extremely rare merle pattern. I was in love with this dog’s extreme bone, big head, and big happy goofy smile! We named him Pōhaka (spot or splotch) to commemorate his rare merle coat. He has been lovingly referred to as “Haka” ever since. From then on I began working hard to help create the merle bully market.

Kalei + dogs Okalani Hawaii.jpeg
Haka Okalani Hawaii.jpeg

our vision

Okalani has many meanings (kauna in Hawaiian). It can also mean “the best,” which is what we aim to achieve in our breeding program. Our goal is to have the best structure, temperament, color, and health as we shrink our dogs down in height without losing bully features. Most importantly, we aim to provide the best customer service, professionalism, ethics, and homes for these loving beautiful innocent creatures that we call our keiki (children) and best friends. Seeing our fur babies thrive in their new 'ohana (families) makes the sacrifices worth it. Also helping our friends succeed in creating programs that help to improve their lives and their family’s lives is an amazing feeling.

Poliahi + Kii Okalani Hawaii.jpeg
Kalei, Juju, Lenei Okalani Hawaii.jpeg


American Bullies are a fascinating and new dog breed. They come in many different classes/sizes. We specialize in the clean exotic style of bully. Our perfect bully is extremely calm and sweet in temperament. They are the perfect companion to any family, but also have a good drive for play and adventure. They are easily trainable and respond well to treats and enrichment activities. Our goal is to create 10-13” bullies with extreme bone, overdone heads, short backs, tight skin, tight feet, functionality, clean lines, and as colorful as possible! We are

still working towards this goal, and are committed to achieving this vision. We are very excited for the future and to be working with so many amazing friends in order to achieve our common goal. Mahalo (thank you) for taking the time to learn a little about us and our babies!

Poli Okalani Hawaii.jpeg
Lenei + Kalei + puppy Okalani Hawaii.jpeg
Poli side shot Okalani Hawaii.jpeg
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