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Dog health

Diet, supplements, and veterinary care is important to your bully puppy and reproductive dog's health and success of your program. Heat stroke is a silent killer of brachycephalic breeds. Please click                         for information on heat stroke.

Raw Feeding

We implement and support an all raw feeding diet from first feeding at 4.5-5 weeks of age through adulthood, including all breeding stages. After years of experience and trying many different diets and supplement combinations this is what works for us. 

Raw balanced feeding guide:

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Raw feeding

Raw Feeding
Raw Feeding
Puppy Food
Raw Feeding


It is very important that dogs and puppies receive all the nutrients needed to grow and develop correctly and thrive in their every day lives. Supplements help us to be sure our dogs are getting everything they need throughout the many stages of their lives, including their reproductive cycles. This is what has worked for us. 

On odd days we add the following supplements:

Bone broth: improves joint health and promotes gut detoxification 

Peanut butter: healthy fats to improve skin/allergies and the dogs LOVE the extra flavor

Coconut oil: increases energy, improves skin, and reduces allergies 

NuJoint Plus: high quality maximum joint and hip support supplement 

Kefir: Natural probiotic to improve digestion 

Raw Vibrance: Powerful mix of 24 superfoods to strengthen immune system, aid in healthy joints, and provide fiber for better digestion. 

Even days supps Okalani Hawaii.jpg

On even days we add the following supplements:

Goat Milk: natural probiotic to support digestion with healthy bacteria

Canned pumpkin: soluble fiber to improve digestion along with providing several vitamins and minerals 

Ocean kelp: Rich source of vitamins and minerals for balanced growth, health, and reproduction 

Cod liver oil: decreases inflammation and supports brain and eye function

NuVet Plus: highest quality blend of proprietary ingredients, vitamins, and minerals for pups and dogs of all ages especially reproducing dogs 

Tumeric: anti-inflammatory, digestive support, and immune boosting 

Even days supps Okalani Hawaii.jpg

Each day we add the applicable supplements:

Oxy Stud: all of our studs receive this 

supplement starting at 6 months of age to 

promote healthy sperm 

Apple cider vinegar: every pup and adult gets this natural medicine to combat yeast infections, relieve allergy symptoms, and clear tear stains

Oxy Momma: lactating moms receive this multi-vitamin daily after they've given birth 

B Strong: every adult and puppy gets this daily in order to promote heart, reproductive, skeletal, and immune system health 

Folic acid: every female receives 1600mcg of folic acid from the start of her breeding heat until she gives birth to reduce cleft pallets and other midline defects by as much as 70%

Oxy Mate: every female receives this 

complete prenatal vitamin from the start of her breeding heat until she gives birth 

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veterinarian health

New puppies need adequate deworming, and vaccinations up until 16 weeks of age to protect them from harmful diseases and parasites. Microchipping is also essential for safety. Heartworm and flea/tick prevention is very important for your dog's entire life. Having a trusted and supportive veterinarian to provide checkups and quality care is essential for healthy dogs. Having a veterinarian who is supportive and knowledgable in reproduction and breeding dogs is necessary for a successful breeding program. Keeping adequate health records is helpful to you and your veterinarian. 

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