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Okalani's bao

Okalani's Bao is another impressive Brain son who is just beginning his career. He's still open at his intro rate for 5 more spots. A handful of litters have arrived, including one in house litter with his half sister Dime! With special genes like his daddy creating overdone bone and a shorter stature, along with the ability to produce chocolate with any triple carrier female, he is producing as expected. He is our little panda boy! Check him out and scroll down to lock him in for your special female. 

Bao Okalani Hawaii 01.JPG

Stud Name: Okalani’s Bao

Class: Borderline pocket/micro

Height: 13"

Weight: 65lbs

Color: Black tri merle (carries choco + blue)

Age: 1 year

Productions: 14

Stud Fee: Intro rate $3,500 USD (5 more spots)

Deposit: $500 USD

Available in: Hawai’i, US

Please scroll down to lock-in with a deposit or pay remaining stud fee.

Haka'i, Bao, Tank pedigree Okalani Hawaii.png

Ready to lock-in Bao?  


Submit Deposit. We accept the following forms of payment:

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Submit Stud Contract


Email or text 808-225-5390 us on the first day of your female’s breeding heat 


Submit remaining stud payment within 24 hours of semen being shipped out 

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